Water Backup Storage Systems

This system is ideal for businesses who are dependant on water. Water will be available incase of water shortage, water shedding or low water pressure.

Water Harvesting Systems

Water Harvesting Systems collect run-off rain water from gutters and store in large tanks. The system is fitted with a municipal water backup, pump and filter system for purification.

Grey Water Recycling Systems

Grey water is collected from baths, showers and washing machines and used for irrigation. A Grey Water System consists of two tanks, two pumps, a filter system and an ultra violet steriliser. An optional Rain Water Harvesting System may also be added.

Water Purification

Unfiltered tap water or borehole water pumped from the ground to your home or business is often highly contaminated with chemicals and various dissolvable solids, such as bacteria, chlorine, phosphorus, zinc, lime, calcium, magnesium, rust, sediment etc.

Water Storage Tanks

Our water tanks are professionally designed to ensure strength, durability and safety. Tanks are available in various sizes ranging from 200 to 40 000 litres.